Koan's Annual Summer Jam promoting underground hip hop & soul acts. Pass performers include Tank & the Bangas, Suave, and Jay Jones to name a few. This years event is an all hip hop event.



After the success of his debut LP "Chronicles of A Dying Breed" in 2011 and the 2013 release of the "Homage" mixtape, where he paid respect to the pioneers of modern hip hop. Koan is currently in the studio recording music with Daily Bread artist Chico 9 as the duo 9th Dimension, set to release new music in the 4th quarter of 2015. 

New Video from the Homage mixtape "Til Infinity"! Currently on rotation on Q93.3 New Orleans & I heartradio. Request It Fam!!

Koan- Til Infinity

Koan getting props from Souls of Mischief


From the critically acclaimed Documentary "Shell Shocked"

Koan & Immortal Technique HOB NOLA 

Koan recently had the oppurtunity to open for the underground emcee Immortal Technique along with Killer Mike, Diabolic, Akir, and DJ GI Joe as they stoped in New Orleans. Koan openend up the show at the "House of Blues". Check out the pics from the show.

One's to Watch 

Koan has been picked in "Where Y'at" magazine's covenant "One's to Watch" section for the Oct. 2011 issue. "Where Y'at" is a local New Orleans magazine that highlights the city's Music, Food, & Culture!! Koan previously made an appearance in this magazine's section in 2008 as a member of E.O.E. Check out this in depth article, and get to know Koan.

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Congrats are in order Koan's "Chronicles of A Dying Breed"  has been nominated for an NOLA Underground Hip Hop awards.

Offbeat Magazine "Album Review" 

The New Orleans hip-hop scene has enjoyed an interesting dichotomy over the last few years: you’re either rapping about partying and booze over pseudo-bounce tunes, or you’re crafting politically charged bars about the Crescent City’s post-Katrina plight. Rarely do these two local paths converge; you’re either Curren$y or Jay Electronica.

Ninth Ward native Koan is a representative of the latter, providing insightful lyrics about police brutality, the state of hip-hop and the socioeconomic struggles plaguing the N.O. over the backdrop of throwback beats that hearken back to the mid-‘90s golden age. His album, Chronicles of a Dying Breed, is an ode to the foundation of hip-hop: battle raps over live, sample-less instrumentation. Koan attacks each beat with a fervor and passion that sometimes leaves the beat behind, causing double-timed lyrics to fly over a casual listener’s head.

Dying Breed flies out of the gate, with the heartfelt, dramatic “Rising Sun (warm-up)” and the jazz-infused “Employed.” On “Employed,” Koan takes a David Simon-like approach to the New Orleans streets, providing a sweeping-yet-intimate look at the problems facing the impoverished and drug-addicted. Koan’s strongest suit is his ability to weave rhymes in unexpected ways while still telling poignant stories. On “Made 2 Murder,” Koan raps that he’s a “legendary lyrical killer with styles sicker than serial pedophilia.” Try saying that five times fast.

Koan’s storytelling is on full display on the hilarious and relatable two-part “Casual Encounters.” The MC provides more moments of levity with “Get the F*ck Off the Stage,” the side-splitting satire about vapid N.O. party tunes. Chronicles of a Dying Breed is well sequenced, so those lighter tunes break the seriousness of Koan’s subject matter, offering a complete album that’s playable from beginning to end. If we’re all lucky, Koan is part of a breed of MC that’s never going away.  -David Dennis "Offbeat Magazine"

June 2011 "Where Y'at Magazine" Review 

This solo debut from hip hop group E.O.E.’s emcee Koan demonstrates the musician/ lyricist’s versatility and growing visibility in the southern hip hop scene. With musical and lyrical inclinations ripening at a young age, this multitalented hip hop artist quickly took to both poetry and several different instruments, including the saxophone and trumpet, in his childhood and teenage years, leaving him well-versed in more than just tight rhymes and fat beats. These influences resonate from the opening track: a wrenching, soulful piano solo introduces the lyrics and backbeat, which are then rounded out by an equally expressive trumpet-saxophone duet. This attention to high-quality production proliferates throughout the album—with the help of local producer Sean “Sean C” Carey—and is carried over into the killer collection of lyrics chosen for Koan’s solo debut. A man who finds great joy in the complex art of wordplay, Koan also takes pride in the street cred rightfully earned battling with his crew, The Daily Bread Unit. As he says himself in “Employed”: “Vocabulary like a juggernaut/And I spit it hotter than hellfire/So any emcee wanna test me, come and get expire/Malicious when I spit the sentences, vicious is limitless/ mental capabilities overwhelmin’ my nemesis.” Koan lyrically looks beyond themes of self-promotion, money and power—all-too common in rap and hip hop—and instead refreshingly addresses relevant, real-world topics, such as run-ins with corrupt and racist law enforcement (“Crooked Officer”) and the harsh reality of street life (“Employed”). One can only hope that Koan is not the last of a “dying breed” of local, intellectual hip hop artists.—Carolyn Heneghan    "Where Y'at Magazine"